Why rescue from abroad?

Angus our Cyprus rescue

I love it when people ask me why we have two rescue dogs from Cyprus, when there are lots of UK dogs that need rescuing. We do also have a local rescue that nobody else could manage and would have been put to sleep, but I don’t disclose that initially. I always ask why not? Let them tell me why they think I shouldn’t, this is always an interesting part me. I could of course tell them to bugger off and ignore them, but I like to listen to their reasoning which often revolves around the old adage charity begins at home. Rescuing a dog is a huge responsibility and those that do rescue are very special people. People who are often left with to pick up the pieces of the pain, suffering and misery that fellow people have caused. The lifeboat ethical and moral theory is a great way to consider this question. Your in a lifeboat and have room for ten more more people, but there are many people in the water. Do you rescue only those close to you? How would you decide who is rescued? Do those farthest away have less of a desire or right to live, than those close to us?

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